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Gobuild.Africa is a money saving platform for building contractors, developers and home builders.  We bring together the purchasing requirements of many contractors to negotiate bulk purchasing discounts with manufactures. By leveraging from the combined buying power, we negotiate commercial deals, with service and price benefit that is traditionally enjoyed by big construction companies. It is a win-win situation as manufactures also benefit from the expanded market share.

We have been serving the needs of some of the big construction companies in South Africa since 2010.  Leveraging that experience, we have developed a portfolio of cost saving solutions tailored for medium to small contractors.  Every contractor needs all the product we supply, with the cost reduction benefit to ensure sustainability and profitability. 

Gobuild.Africa is passionate about building relationships with manufactures and suppliers to provide ongoing cost saving pricing to our clients.  This relationship allows busy contractors to stop wasting time on web searches and sourcing activities and immediately benefit from established relationship with suppliers.    


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I benefit from the GoBuild Platform? 

GoBuild platform combines the materials and products requirements of many contractors.  Based on the combined bulk requirements, we negotiate with manufactures and suppliers to offer huge discounts that are traditionally only available to large construction companies.   You can access the benefits immediately, by filling in the registration form (hyperlinked).  A Gobuild representative will contact you to finalize the process. 

2. Is the Gobuild Purchasing Platform a membership based organisation? 

No, membership is not required.  We are confident that by using our platform you will great value and you will choose to stay with us for a long term mutually beneficial relationship. 

3. How much does it cost to use the GoBuild Purchasing Platform?

It costs you nothing.  You Purchase what you need from the platform,  no hidden costs.  View us as your one stop supplier and we will back you with you great prices. 

4. Do I need to order in bulk? 

No. You order what you need for your project.

5. Is there a minimum monthly spend? 

No. There are no monthly spending targets.  You order only what you need, when you need it.